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                    Warm congratulations on the successful celebration of the 10th anniversary of Qingdao Runrise Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of hard work, ten years witnessed yesterday\'s wind and rain, ten years watching the brilliant tomorrow. In order to pay tribute to the strong support of Runrise from all walks of life and the staff to work together to witness the strength of gratitude and persistence, on the afternoon of July 18, 2023, the 10th anniversary celebration of Runrise was held.
                    Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of hard work, ten years witnessed yesterday's wind and rain,Ten years watching the brilliance of tomorrow.ForSaluteGive backPeople from all walks of life to RunyangOfStrong support and staff togetherWalk with one heart and witness the power of gratitude and persistence2023 7Month18In the afternoon, the water is moisturized.·set sail-- run YangCelebration of the 10th Anniversary of FoundingHold it ceremoniously.

                    This celebration specially invited more than 80 colleagues and guests from the environmental protection industry to cheer and celebrate for Runyang and share this joy.
                    Chairman's speech 
                    At the beginning of the event, President Chen, chairman of Runyang, made an opening speech. Boss Chen said:Ten years of wind and rain,Runyang always adheres toThe development concept of "Let the environment take care of life", pursue excellence and innovation, constantly surpass ourselves, and move forward steadily in the fierce market competition.
                    On a new journeyBoss ChenHope that every employee can not forget the original ideal and ambition, adhere to the responsibility, climb the peak courageously. No matter what challenges we encounter, we should believe in the strength of the team and stick to our beliefs. We need to accumulate and prepare all the time; to set sail, we need to unite closely and work together to meet the challenges and opportunities in the future.


                    Award and commendation
                    Ten years are handed down from generation to generation, and ten years are in the same boat,It is precisely because there are partners from all walks of lifeOfOnly with strong support and the hard work of all the staffRunyangToday's brilliant achievements.



                    Si Qingtong is happy.







                    New journey, start again.
                    RunyangIn the next ten yearsWill continue to innovate, positive change, the pursuit of higher quality and broader market. We will continue to devote ourselves to the construction of corporate culture, cultivate a professional, United and dedicated team, and provide customers with better products and services..



                    "it takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to cultivate people."In the past ten years, the company has been struggling in the thorns of the night, and now it is officially a gratifying period of dawn and dawn.We will continue to make progress.Ride the wind and waves to start a more brilliant voyage.