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Consultation hotline:


Honorary qualification
  • Class A for Environmental engineering design

  • National specialist especially the new "Little Giant"

  • High-tech enterprises

  • Third Prize of the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • Specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Qingdao

  • Qingdao Municipal Technology Innovation Center

  • Qingdao Municipal Enterprise Technology Center

  • Expert workstation

  • Second Prize of the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • Top 12 of the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • "the Future Star of Blue Bay"

  • Membership Certificate of China Environmental Protection Industry Association

  • First level professional contracting for environmental protection engineering

  • Second level general contracting level for construction and electromechanical engineering

  • Safety production license

  • Quality management system

  • Environmental management system

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System

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